Private Tourguides - FAQ



  • Who is de founder of Private

Marije Breuker founded Private-tourguide in 2013. Working in the travel industry for more than 15 years Marije saw the dynamic changes in the touroperating and the development of the needs of tavellers. All combined, Marije was aware that a global website for professional and licensed guides was very usefull for all parties involved.

  • Why do I pay an annual fee?

It is nice to be registrated on a global website for tour guides. Private realises that only being registrated will not give you as a tour guide the potential leads of requests. Private is constantly promoting the website to your potential customers. This however will involve our commitment to you .


Private wants to become the leading global database with licensed tour guides. Working on promotion and our aim of the website does costs manpower and constant development. To cover these costs we do charge you a small annual contribution of which we truly believe it is an reasonable amount.

  • Can I pay in terms?

The fee to be registrated on our website is an annual fee. We do keep the costs as low as possible while protecting our quality.

  • If I do not have a creditcard can I make a banktransfer?

Yes you can. Transfer your amount to our bank account and send us an email with you name.

  • Can I earn a free registration?

Yes you can! Whenever you bring in more than 5 tour guides who will register we will refund your annual contribution.

  • How long does it take before my profile is approved ?

We aim to be as soon as possible, within 24 hours your profile will be uploaded into our website.

  • Will I get an invoice once I have paid ?
Yes you will automatically receive an invoice on your e-mail.
  • Can I change my profile ?
Yes you can, within the login section you can adjust your Information.